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Semolina (Sooji) 1/2 cup
All-Purpose Flour (Maida) 1 cup
Black Salt (Kaala Namak) Pinch
Carom (Ajwain) 1/2 tsp
Cooking Oil to fry
Cumin (Zeera) 1 tsp
Fresh Ginger Root (Adrak 1 ½ tsp)
Fresh Mint Leaves (Podina) to taste
Green Chilies 3 (Hari Mirch)
Red Chili Powder to taste
Salt to taste
Tamarind Paste 1 tbsp (Haldi Paste)
Water glass 2

How to make Delicious Gol Gappay

Mix the white flour and semolina
Together and kned into a hard dough.
Set aside.
Flatten into a very thin sheet and cut into 2″ diameter circles with a cookie cutter.
Deep fry in cooking oil until golden.
Combine all of the ingredients for the
Dip together in a grinder and grind well.
Then strain any liquid from the grinded mixture.