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Today we are going to learn how to make falsay ka sharbat recipe with step by step guide by KFoods.com. Falsa ka sharbat or Falsa juice is a refreshing drink to enjoy in summers which is not only a delicious drink but also an easy to make recipe. You can make it just within minutes. All you need is falsay, water and salt and black pepper as per taste.

Falsa (Grewia Asiatica) is a fruit of summer season. It has a wonderful sweet and sour taste which is seldom found in other fruits. Falsa is very pleasant to eat and drink as well. It is easily available anywhere in Pakistan. Since it comes in summer, people especially children wait restlessly for its season. It sometimes works as a cheap and healthy confectionery for kids. With 10 or 20 rupees in hand, kids rush after a falsa seller to buy a handful of this wondrous fruit.

Let’s learn how to make phalsa juice (grewia sharbat) recipe with easy picture instructions.

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falsa sharbat
falsa juice recipe
Wash falsa.
falsa juice recipe in urdu
Grind falsa, water, sugar and ice cubes together.
how to make falsa juice
Pass ground juice through a strainer.
falsa juice banane ki tarkeeb
Fresh refreshing falsa sharbat is ready to enjoy. Serve with ice cubes.
falsey ka sharbat banane ka tarika

Preparing Falsa Juice


  • Grewia Asiatica: 1/4 kg
  • Chilled Water: 2 glass
  • Sugar: As much required
  • Ice Cubes: As much required



  1. Grind grewia asiatica, chilled water, sugar and ice cubes together in a food grinder. Sift the juice through a
    strainer to filter out the seeds.
  2. Delicious refreshing grewia asiatica juice is ready to serve.
  3. Enjoy chilled juice in hot weather and recharge yourself up!


  • Black salt can be used in place of sugar.
  • The colder the juice, the more delicious it is.