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Leo, you slay us!

These behind-the-scenes 'Titanic' gifs will make your day
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Despite the fact that watching Titanic causes the average human to lose about 90 percent of their water weight due to crying hysterically, we can all agree that it’s one of the greatest films of all time, reports Marie Claire. And despite it being very *serious* due to all the tragic deaths, etc., (RIP, those olds in that bed!), the cast and crew had a ton of fun on set—as demonstrated by the below array of incredible GIFs.
When This Epic Side-Eye Occurred

And When Leo Pulled an IRL This: ????

Come to Think of It, His Tongue Was Out of Control the Entire Time

When James Cameron Tried to Third Wheel the Raft

And Kate Winslet’s Scarf Ruined a Take

When Leo and Kate’s Dancing Was Deeply Extra

When Kate Winslet Was Like “I See You, Camera”

Did a Shimmy

Was Over It

And Then Was *Fully* Over It

When Rose’s Mom Forgot About the Whole Camera Thing

And Billy Zane Tried to Kiss Her

And This Happened

But Mostly, and Most Importantly, This Perfect/Iconic/Wonderful Moment That We Won’t Forget for 84 Years