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Eustoma is a genus of plants of the Gorechanov family. The name comes from the Greek roots eu (good) and stoma (mouth). Cultivated flowers belonging to this genus often have the name Lizianthus, it is also an obsolete botanical name of the genus.

Traditional names of eustoma in America are Texas bluebell, prairie gentian, tulip gentian and even gentian. The latter name, however, competes with the name of the genus of the same name, which gave the name to the whole family.

The plant area includes the south of the USA, Mexico, the Isthmus of Panama, the north of South America, and also some islands of the Caribbean Sea. The eustoms reach a height of 60 cm, the flowers are blue, of different shades.

Artificially produced varieties of red, white, yellow flowers and their shades. The most common is Eustoma large-flowered, also grown as an ornamental or indoor plant. Sometimes eustoma large-flowered and eustoma Roussel unite in one form.